Kimberly Choquette

Kimberly graduated for West Chester University in 2018 with a BS degree in BioChemistry, but a focus in Organic Chemistry.  She went on to graduate school at Lehigh University in the lab of Dr. Robert Flowers.  There she was introduced to kinetic analysis and studying the mechanistic details of samarium diiodide (SmI2) reactions.  Following her graduation from Lehigh in 2013, she took a post doc position in the lab of Dr. Abigail Doyle at Princeton University where she developed a new enantioselctive fluorination of diazo compounds. At Princeton she also broadened her view of Ni catalysis from her colleagues.

Since becoming a professor at Drew University the Choquette lab has been home to Chemistry majors, BioChem majors and even a Biology major! We work through hard problems designing new organic syntheses which are extremely air-sensitive, enough though we don’t have a glovebox to work in!