Student Spotlight: Molly Royek C’21

Senior Molly Royek’s career at Drew University was highlighted on the LaunchPad feed.  

Congrats on your fantastic career at Drew, Molly, and we look forward to seeing what you will do in the future!

Summer 2020 Research

COVID shut downs are not stopping our research lab this Summer! We are involved with a “super group” of undergraduate researchers who meet once a week to discuss research projects, talk about inclusivity in the science world. Remote Supergroup for Chemistry Undergraduates (RSCU) includes 33 chemistry research groups, spanning 17 primarily undergraduate colleges and universities, both public and private, in 13 different U.S. statesOver 50 undergraduate students are currently participating in the 9-week series.

Riya presented a “flash presentation” to the group to inform everyone about SmI2 chemistry. Great job Riya!

May, 2019.  Gisselle traveled down to Florida for the ACS conference to present a poster on her work. She discussed her approach to determining the concentration of the SmI2 we form in the lab, through our newly optimized sonication protocol.

The day after she landed back in NJ she presented the work to our Drew Community at the 2019 Day of Scholars event. Great job Giselle!

April, 2019. Congrats to Gisselle Rojas for being awarded the North Jersey ACS Bridge Travel Award. You are going to do great representing our lab at the ACS conference!  Highlighted in “The Indicator” Newsletter

April 6, 2018.  Kayla and Eugene presented their DSSI summer research at the inaugural Day of Scholar event at Drew University.  They were very excited to share their progress of synthesizing SmI2 in the lab and their preliminary quantitative assessment of the SmI2 in a Sm-Barbier reaction in the poster session.